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June 03 2012


June 01 2012

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Aktuelles hackerspaceshop vusbtiny/vusbmicro board design

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May 29 2012

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We publish our designs also at thingiverse..
Check it out
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trip to brmlab in prague .. the metalab delegation is happy.
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May 15 2012


May 07 2012

via Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects

SolarRoboflower 1.1 is featured on Thingiverse today!
yay o/

May 02 2012



Hackers are pretty much the mostly lovely people ever!

This is a gift to MakeHackVoid from Flo at Hackerspaceshop/Metalab. -- devdsp
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April 28 2012

6 years of metalab
1010 wien, rathausstrasse 6
djs paul raal, werwolf
voodoo house, hacker step

via 6yearsofmetalab_flyer.jpg (1920×1080)
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Lots of LEDs at @metalabvienna
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April 23 2012

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Hack a Day

Kits to fund Hackerspaces

[Overflo] recently tipped us about HackerspaceShop; his plan to help fund the Viennese and European hackerspaces by creating a marketplace for electronic kits. The idea is to not only sell kits, but to also create an easy way for others to sell their own kits through the platform, which is pretty awesome if you ask us.

Their kit they sent us to play with is a sun tracking flower developed by [daniel schatzmayr] in the metalab hackerspace. All and all, it’s a pretty awesome kit that’d be perfect for any geeky girlfriend, and of course, it’s arduino controlled. Whether or not that is a good or a bad thing is up to the hackaday trolls to decide, but it does have an FTDI header; something we’d personally like to see on a lot more of these electronic kits.

Currently there’s not to big a catalog on their site but hey, wickedlasers started out as a guy selling modified laser pointers and Hewett Packard started out as two guys selling a better function generator. It’s always awesome when a hacker uses their skills to become an entrepreneur, especially for a good cause.

Good luck [overflo]!

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April 17 2012

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